Electricity and heat production

Cogeneration technology is efficient and environmentally friendly

Unique cogeneration technology developed by the engineers of Eesti Energia.

We are developing electricity and heat production technologies in the energy complex near Narva. In the production of electricity and heat, we have switched from direct burning of oil shale to more efficient co-generation.

We also use alternative fuels for production. In this way, we ensure the volume of electricity production to the extent of Estonia's average consumption, meanwhile keeping environment in focus.

We take up almost all the energy contained in oil shale

In the energy complex near Narva, we produce electricity from a variety of raw materials, including shale gas, which is a by-product of the production of liquid fuels.

Using not only oil shale but also shale gas, we use almost all the energy contained in oil shale.

We take up 80% of energy contained in oil shale

Thanks to the by-products of production, we grow the yields of Estonian fields and build wind farms

The production of electricity generates oil shale ash, which can be used both for increasing the yield of the fields and to produce building materials.

The old ash field of the Baltic power plant is the foundation for Narva wind farm with a total 17 wind turbines of 39 MW. The annual production of Narva wind farm can meet the electricity needs of about 28,000 households. It is the world's first wind farm to be built on an ash field.

Auvere power plant

Auvere power plant is an example of a new generation of environmentally friendly power generation

  • We use alternative sources, including renewable energy sources. Up to 50% waste wood, up to 20% peat and up to 10% shale gas can replace oil shale.
  • The power plant's emissions to air are lower than the standards for new power plants in Europe.
  • Can cover more than 25% of Estonia's electricity consumption.
Narva Soojusvõrk

Efficient, clean and affordable district heating for residents of Narva

Subsidiary of Enefit Energiatootmine, Narva Soojusvõrk, supplies heat to the city of Narva with its nearly 55,000 inhabitants and offers the most favourable prices in Estonia.

The company has been awarded an efficient district heating label as it also uses renewable energy and waste heat in heat production.