We mine with a minimal footprint

We are the leaders in the mining industry

Eesti Energia mines oil shale in two quarries. With our 100 years of experience, we valorise oil shale more efficiently than ever before, and our expertise is valued worldwide.

At the same time, Eesti Energia is moving in a direction where a significant amount of energy is produced from renewable and alternative sources.

More efficient mining and new technologies

We mine oil shale in the underground cole mine Estonia and in the Narva quarry. We clean up the areas mined: plant forests, prepare farmland or find other uses for such areas.

In order to reduce the impact on the environment, we are also planning to start underground mining in the Narva quarry, using the longwall mining technology.

More environmentally friendly and safer mining

  • We have built a unique underground sedimentation basin and pumping station in the exhausted chamber blocks of the Estonia mine. As a result, the sedimentation time of the mining water is longer and the suspended solids content of the groundwater is almost non-existent.
  • We have tested the unmanned ground vehicle Multiscope to perform underground 3D surveying of the Estonia mine. The robot examined the condition of the units in the area where we plan to build one of the largest solar power plants in the region.
  • The underground parts of the Estonia mine, where active mining is taking place, have mobile communications coverage.

Enefit Power transport instructions

The logistics unit makes sure that oil shale, crude shale oil, ash and crushed stone are delivered to the client at the right time and in the right amount.

Transport instructions » and railway safety policy »

Improved method for the extraction of Cambrian lava

In addition to chamber mining, the Estonia mine uses an advanced Cambrian lava technology. Thus, the ground remains intact, but mining takes place at several times over a length of approximately 700 meters.

The advantage of this method is the small volume of preparatory work that helps keep the price of oil shale competitive.

There are no additional environmental impacts.

Contribution to the circular economy

Oil shale and limestone are layered in the Earth's crust. For energy production, limestone must be separated from oil shale. A wider use of limestone as an enrichment residue increases the added value of the oil shale industry.

We are cooperating with construction and road construction companies and looking for new applications for the by-product.

The quality of limestone from mining has also been studied by TalTech who confirm its suitability for rail and road construction, including the Rail Baltic.