High quality gravel is a valuable building material

Gravel is part of eco-friendly circular economy

In the mines, limestone is formed by extracting oil shale, from which high-quality gravel is produced. It can be used in general or road construction as well as as concrete filler.

Let's create a new life for the material left over from oil shale mining.

Three reasons to prefer our gravel

Ordering is fast and convenient

You help to preserve the environment

The gravel is of high quality

Price list of gravel and limestone from Estonia mine

Prices do not include VAT The price includes loading the gravel into the customer's car. Transport is not included in the price.

Gravel with the size of

0-4 mm

0,60 € / ton

Gravel with the size of

4-16 mm

3,20 € / ton

Gravel with the size of

16-32 mm

4,50 € / ton

Gravel with the size of

32-63 mm

2,50 € / ton

Gravel with the size of

0-32 mm

4,00 € / ton

Gravel with the size of

0-90 mm

0,36 € / ton

Order gravel

We do not provide transport services | If possible, we help organize rail transport, we do not engage in road transport

Convenient and comprehensive solution:

  • High quality gravel and limestone in the desired quantity and time
  • Possibility to use car scales
  • Assistance in organizing transport, including rail transport

Compliance with ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

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You can buy gravel from Estonia mine

Estonia kaevandus

Väike-Pungerja village, Alutaguse parish, Ida-Virumaa 41301 Estonia

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chief specialist

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Aarne Nõmberg

head of the department