Future-oriented products and industrial solutions for the circular economy

We are developing a zero-carbon chemical industry based on a circular economy. In this way, we will gradually replace the production of liquid fuels with the production of plastics and compounds for other industries.

Enefit's technology parks

Complete solutions for large customers with a wide range of energy needs, creating a significant competitive advantage.

Smart production solutions from Enefit Solutions

We offer a wide range of technological solutions for energy and industry. We have diverse experience in the design and manufacture of structural steel, mining, power generation and industrial equipment.

Enefix creates good conditions for plant growth

The fertiliser increases soil fertility and reduces plant diseases. In addition, Enefix suppresses the growth of moss on the soil.

High quality and environmentally friendly crushed stone

The extraction of oil shale in mines produces limestone, which is used for the production of high-quality crushed stone. It can be used both in general and road construction and as aggregate for concrete. We give new life to the material left over from oil shale mining.

Raw materials for the chemical industry

The Enefit 280 technology enables pyrolysis of oil shale together with plastic waste and old tyres, turning it into a quality product. In the coming years, liquid fuels will be processed into raw materials for the chemical industry.