Shale oil

Shale oil is Estonia's own petroleum

Liquid fuels made from oil shale and old tires contain energy that works for the benefit of humanity

Our liquid fuels are manufactured using efficient, environmentally friendly and resource-efficient Enefit technology. Shale oil can have different compositions. We can mix different shale oil products to make the final product suitable for the customer.

In Estonia, shale oil products are used primarily in boiler houses and small power plants to generate heat and electricity. Much of the shale oil production is exported as liquid fuel components.

Three reasons to prefer our liquid fuels

Environmentally friendly and efficient production

Low sulphur content and viscosity, i.e. good production quality

Customer-driven approach

Our customers

  • international undertakings, including global oil traders
  • crude oil refiners
  • heat producers
  • energy companies
  • chemical companies
  • road builders
  • agricultural companies
  • manufacturers and sellers of marine fuels

Liquid fuels are sold by Eesti Energia Energy Trading by organising annual sales tenders

Participate in the tender by familiarising yourself with the conditions of participation (PDF) and filling in the confirmation form (DOC).

Facts about liquid fuel

  • Already the first studies in the 20th century confirmed that oil shale has great potential as a liquid fuel.
  • Oil is produced from oil shale in several countries, but the most thorough research has been carried out on different oil shale production technologies in Estonia.
  • The known oil reserves of the world are approximately 6,050 billion barrels. This is many times more than crude oil reserves.



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