Maintenance and repair

A complete solution for electrical and industrial storage

Long experience and a reliable team

Timely maintenance and repair significantly increases the life of the equipment. Our skilled team also works on a large scale and responds quickly to emergencies.

We service, repair, and assemble:

  • turbines and boilers for power plants
  • quarrying and mining technology
  • electric motors (all wattages)
  • electrical equipment and actuators
  • automation equipment
  • transformers
  • mechanical parts of the equipment
  • feeding systems (conveyors, mills, etc.)
  • tubular transport systems (liquid and dry)

Additional services for industrial and energy companies

  • Lining and insulation work
  • Cleaning of sediment ponds and port areas
  • Calibration, adjustment, and repair of various measuring instruments

Our advantages

Lots of different maintenance activities


Ability to respond to emergencies

Long-term experience


Enefit Solutions

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