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Enefit offers a variety of services from geological and mining studies, multi-level studies and test work, to detailed engineering and project execution. We have a full range of resources supporting technological development and adjustment to different oil shale feeds. Enefit is prepared to meet the project needs of individual clients. We feature an in-house R&D laboratory, an engineering team, and pilot testing facilities, which form the basis for our advisory services and operational assistance.

Exporting know-how

In addition to operating the world's largest oil shale operation in Estonia, Enefit has successfully exported its know-how to other countries.

Enefit's Utah project

Enefit's Utah project is located within one of the richest areas of the region's oil shale formation.

Developing the Jordan power project

Enefit, together with Malaysian and Chinese partners, has developed a 554 MW oil shale fired power plant and 10 million-ton open cast mine in Jordan, the most advanced oil shale development project outside of Estonia.

Enefit's project development services

Key elements of a successful oil shale project

  • In-place geological resource identified: sufficient quality and quantity
  • Reserves assessed: resource optimization studies, engineering throughout the entire value chain, from mining to end product, in order to enable reserve certification for business planning
  • Proven technology selected: Enefit280 technology shale oil production and CFB technology for power production
  • Clear route to market determined: optimized value chain and product range, transportation solutions, grid connections, power purchase agreement
  • Environmental permits acquired
  • Regulation reviewed and local support secured
  • Favorable economics: all-in break even, internal return rate, and debt-service coverage ratio

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