Geological studies

Geological studies

Thanks to Enefit's experience, we can help you plan the exploration, identify the in-place resource, conduct deposit 3D modelling, optimize and estimate the resources while also following the international standards and best industry practices

Expert knowledge in exploring resources


Exploration planning is much more than just choosing the right spot for the drilling. Proper planning and chain of custody procedures are crucial to make sure that all the gathered data is correct and is usable for all the parties involved in the development. Enefit is using its own deposit specific and tailor made exploration procedures manual that cover all the important tasks of the exploration - from drilling on the field to the sample preparation and laboratory works. Following the procedures manual is imperative to comply with the international standards and best industry practices.


The acquired exploration data serve as base information for the OS deposits layer bound quantity and quality 3D modelling. The base information will be validated and built into a dedicated SQL geological database that serve as the key link in-between the exploration data and 3D modeling CAD based platforms. Enefit has experienced staff who are capable of both building up the SQL geological database and compiling sound 3D deposit models to derive resource estimates from it. The appropriate 3D knowledge about your OS deposit will result in higher reliability of the exploration data and of the resource estimates itself.

International standards and best industry practices

Enefit knows and follows international standards in its exploration activities. In our Jordan development project the resource has been explored and disclosed by using the JORC Code. For our Utah development project a combination of Canadian NI 43-101 and 51-101 has been used.

In addition, oil shale is an unconventional resource that has its own specific needs and study standards that are not widely known in the world. Enefit is well experienced with oil shales and has incorporated this knowledge into the best industry practices. Following the international standards and best oil shale industry practices will make it sure that all the gathered data will be useable for all the parties involved in the deposit development.

Enefit`s experience with world oil shales

  • Initial resource review and consulting: Turkey, Myanmar, Egypt, Israel, Thailand, India, Kazakhstan, Uruguay.
  • Geological studies and resource estimates in Estonia, Jordan, US, Mongolia, Morocco, Serbia and Myanmar.